Message From Managing Director

Since 2005 I have been involved in education consultancy field. Initially, I have worked for around 8 years in other reputed education consultancies in Nepal. In between time, I got a chance to meet many students and their parents to whom I found several education consultants counseled without much research and training. Those consultants would exaggerate the information to entice the students. Students however would find some information was untrue later. To provide the right counseling to the right person for the right course to the right university and finally for the right career, I founded Beaumont Abroad Study Services Pvt. Ltd. in 2013.

I am myself a trained and certified education counselor, and also I am a trained and certified English language instructor. I am accompanied now in this company by academic and professional team members who also have a lot of counseling, management and teaching experiences. We therefore can meet the expectation of the students and their parents who can get the genuine information through us. What’s more, I am also a university level professor and so are my team members. We therefore have our own social standing and social networks both in academic and non-academic situations. We are much more sensible in providing information and in doing our works so that no one will get affected through our services.

Being much updated, time-tested, research-based and specialist in the field of the work, we provide education counseling, language preparation classes, documentation guidance, interview preparations, and recruitment services. We always encourage students to choose their career themselves so we guide them through so as to reach their destination. I recommend all students to visit as many as education consultancies before confirming one. I also recommend them to research the courses, universities, destined countries and immigration policies, so they know the reality. We assure all the students and their parents that we have trained and experienced professionals. Understanding students’ interests in the courses, knowledge of the courses, career goals, academic qualifications, language requirements, education gaps and financial conditions, we provide them ethical and genuine counseling. Therefore, they can feel satisfaction. Their satisfaction is ultimately our satisfaction.

Bhim Bahadur Karki
Chairman / Founder / Managing Director
Beaumont Abroad Study Services Pvt.Ltd.