Why Us?

Genuine identity is reflected through the actions how perfectly are performed. We are motivated through the action that counts more than words. We never put forward our philosophic vision lopsided but we move with multifaceted visions for fair work. Our satisfaction emerges from the satisfaction experienced by our students. We provide ethical counseling and give reliable information to the students. Being our team of university professors, we have high social exposure and social standing in Nepal as well as high network with academicians and students. We never say 100% visa guarantee though we have long experience in student recruitment industry, but we try to maximize visa possibilities of genuine students. Many students have witnessed our proven reality and trust in work. Quality and professional services at Beaumont Abroad Study Services are reflected through the referrals of new students time after time by its alumni. Additionally, we also have a research center that guides student for writing research article and research proposal and that also assists students for PhD scholarships with stipend amount abroad. This service is not provided professionally by any other education consultancy in Nepal.